Two ways you can take part in myMOSI

1. myMOSI  ‘Computing in Manchester

MOSI-ALONG is a project connecting your community histories to artefacts in the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). To find out more about us take a look at the project’s blog (http://www.mosialong.wordpress.com) or follow mosi_along on twitter.

Do you have a story, anecdote, or perhaps something to teach us about an artefact from the museum’s computing collections?

There is no brief…

You can share anything you’d like to! But to help us abide by copyright laws, if you’d like to share a story about anything other than computing and would like to film or take pictures inside the museum – please do so in the Revolution Manchester Gallery, using the themes to guide you. Where possible, please avoid including blocks of display text in your images. There is more information and maps of MOSI on this myMOSI guidance document to help you.

2. MOSI-ALONG Community Participation;

If you want to get your community to take part in the MOSI-ALONG, by creating a Cabinet of Curiosities, by telling your stories, or creating a History of Your Community in 25 Objects, then you can find detailed information on how to take part, from the MOSI-ALONG opt-in pamphlet.

How to Participate

Participants should upload their stories onto their social media pages (e.g. YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos, Twitter for short anecdotes, and blogs for written stories). Remember to tag your stories with #mosialong so that we can find them.

The best myMOSI story will win an iPad2 at our social media festival in September!


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