Aggregate then Curate

Social Media Participation Model

Participation; As part of the process of engaging interest in the MOSI-ALONG project we have looked at a number of strategies concerning participation in content curation, telling stories, using artefacts, bringing people to MOSI and creating “mini-MOSIs” as Drew Whitworth calls them, using a Cabinet of Curiosities approach.

Social Objects; This artefact based approach to engaging participation, the Cabinet of Curiosities, was stimulated by Nina Simon’s discussion of object-centred sociality in The Participatory Museum. We have used this metaphor as an engagement strategy, but it requires users to develop confidence in using social media in a range of cultural contexts. One of our project partners is MIMAS who have a brief to develop a technical approach to underpin the use of social media. We have had a number of conversations on this and have developed a model called “Aggregate then Curate”  Continue reading

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Curating Digital Artefacts

Computing Collection

Background; As well as Cabinet of Curiosities, both digital and real, we are also looking at crowdsourcing the curating of digital representations of computing artefacts for which MOSI have cleared the copyright for use.

Flickr Community; MOSI have provided a gallery of images of computers in their collection for which we have the copyright to use and discuss. MOSI have created a Flickr Group in which there are 18 images, nearly all computers with a direct link to Manchester due to their provenance at the University, or because they were made by Ferranti or by ICL in Manchester.

Digital Curation; We would like to check, and possibly update, the online information concerning each computing for which we have a digitised image on Flickr over the next few months as a form of crowd-sourced curation. Continue reading

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Curator Day

July 14 MOSI

MOSI; Artefact Curation. Following the model established by the RunCoCo project we will have a Curator Day on July 14 where the Science Curator will discuss her work at MOSI, view the collection and review those computer artefacts that have been booked in for the session. This runs from 10-12.30 on Thursday July 14th at MOSI.

Photos from the MOSI-Computer Collection; These can be viewed on Fickr and we will endeavour to produce a brief QRpedia-like description for the computer in each photo, and also to gather stories and memories from people who used them and have stories of various kinds to add to the QRpedia description.

We plan to crowd-source the curation of these photos on July 14th and we will set up a process to support this beyond the Flickr Communities on the day. We will update this web page as we develop the process. We will be working with GLAMwiki expert Cormac Lawler (@cormaggio) as we do this. We will update changes and provide new information using the MOSI-ALONG Twitter account ( during the day.


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June Newsletter


June; We were busy in June as this marked the beginning of our summer plan to encourage community members to share their local history stories through the use of social media and to tag them with #mosialong.  Information on how to get involved in MOSI-ALONG can be found on the Take Part tab. Happily this is the most popular page on the website, so we look forward to your contributions. Remember, the best contribution will win an iPad2!

Cabinet of Curiosities; People’s Voice Media are working to develop a Cabinet of Curiosities with the local history group in Salford and will have a workshop with them to develop this on July 15.  We will provide guidance on how to create your own cabinet and also on how to develop “A History of My Community in 9 Objects” next week.

Curating Computers; The big #mosialong event in July will be the curator day at MOSI on July 14. This starts at 10 am and will involve a curated tour of MOSI followed by an hour in which the science curator will discuss computers that participants bring in. You need to register on Eventbrite if you want your computer reviewed.

Peoples’ Voice Media have been working hard on the MOSI-ALONG project. As well as working with a local history group in Salford to build a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ they will be filming at the Curating Computers event. They are also organising a pop-up studio at the Seeds of East Festival to record festival-goers’ myMOSI stories.

Other community groups are also involved in the project, Continue reading

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Adult Learner’s Week

May 14-20 2011

WSEN ALW Plans Manchester; Adult Learner’s Week was initiated by NIACE to celebrate the achievements of a range of Adult and their learning achievements, usually in a range of Community settings. WSEN, one of the MOSI-ALONG partners, has organised a wide range of activities for that week, including a workshop at the WEA offices M13 9GH at 2pm on Tuesday May 17th. We will explain the learning model underpinning MOSI-ALONG and accreditation issues for the content being being created for the project. We might also discuss how we could use QR Codes in the Project and also develop collections of historical artefacts in community centres, as a way of prompting reflections on personal experience and local history. Contact if you are interested. Get the full agenda for the week and follow all 452 events in Manchester  on the Learning in Manchester website.

ZION 100; Manchester Metropolitan University have an intriguing project capturing images of artefacts which have a local resonance, definitely worth a visit, called Zion 100; Contact Hannah if you want to get involved ( The Zion Arts Centre in Hulme will be holding an Adult Learners Week event at 3pm on Thursday May 19th to launch their Green Zone Toolkit.

Current BBC Projects; Currently available on iPlayer is a programme by Tristram Hunt, who wrote the Frock-Coated Communist about Manchester hero Engels, has just made a programme about Manchester and Liverpool involvement in the US Civil War for Radio 4. Interesting History. Melvyn Bragg is planning a new series of Reel History of Britain in 2012 looking at peoples local history films from the 20th Century. More information here if you have an old films to share.

The Participatory Museum; Nina Simon’s book is available online and in various forms with great ideas for making Museum’s more participatory and responsive to its users. On a visit to the highly-praised Natural History Museum MOSI-ALONG decided we need to create a MOSI-ALONG map of MOSI, watch this space.

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Community Reporter’s Videos

MOSI-ALONG Launch Vids

Just had an email from Beth Powell sending me links to early versions of films of the launch. The films have been made by the Community Reporters from People’s Voice Media and capture early thoughts about the myMOSI storytelling aspect of the project. Beth talks about how network building and bridging histories are key elements, Drew thinks he thought it all up by himself;    Continue reading

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Ambient Learning City Workshop

Background; Fred Garnett and Drew Whitworth had a workshop at Manchester Met University as part of CAL11. With Beth Powell covering for Drew we asked people to come up with their ideas on how we might develop an Interactive Learning City. The slides for the workshop are available and I have post a full blog post both on the questions asked and the issues arising. This is more about the larger ambition of creating an Ambient Learning City but issues in content creation were discussed which align with MOSI-ALONG. Continue reading

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