Curating Computers

Curator Day July 14

We will be holding a curator day at MOSI on July 14 2011 where the science curator will look at user’s own computers and explain what they are and their historical significance. You need to register on Eventbrite if you want your computer reviewed. We are hoping Mark van Harmelen will lead his Manchester University students on bringing in an actual historic computer to be curated at the event.

Computing Images; We will also be releasing some computer images for comment and authorised re-use. We hope the Centre for Computing History will help with this.

Live-blogging; We hope to live blog during the event and link up with GLAMwiki and QRpedia in developing some resources on Computing History in Manchester.

Baby; not the Tropicalista classic, but the famous first computer in Manchester can be viewed at MOSI. Interestingly nothing on ‘Baby’ on Wikipedia.

July 14 Agenda; 

10.00am – Teas, coffees and biscuits.

10.15am – Welcomes and introductions.

10.30 – 11.30 – Tour of computing collections lead by curator. (Cameras provided for those attending social media workshop to make a short film.)

11.30 – 12.30 – Show the curator your computing artefacts, share your stories, and learn more about their historical significance.

12.30 – 1pm – Light lunch provided.

1.00 – 3pm – Social media workshop.

You need to register on Eventbrite if you want your computer reviewed


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