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I Love MCR

Malls, Masses & Myths After the riots which, if I read Dave Haslam in Manchester, England right, seem to have historical resonance with the Exchange Riots of 1812, rather than Peterloo in 1819, being an inchoate expression of frustration, Manchester … Continue reading

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Aggregate then Curate

Social Media Participation Model Participation; As part of the process of engaging interest in the MOSI-ALONG project we have looked at a number of strategies concerning participation in content curation, telling stories, using artefacts, bringing people to MOSI and creating … Continue reading

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Curating Digital Artefacts

Computing Collection Background; As well as Cabinet of Curiosities, both digital and real, we are also looking at crowdsourcing the curating of digital representations of computing artefacts for which MOSI have cleared the copyright for use. Flickr Community; MOSI have provided … Continue reading

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