This blog was used regularly to provide updates on the MOSI-ALONG project. It was used throughout 2011 to update and engage people in Manchester in the project, which is now finished. We scoped the project in this Ambient Learning City presentation and learnt a lot in the project which we summarised as Social Cities not Smart Cities.

MOSI-ALONG is funded by JISC as a Developing Community Content Project designed to work with the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) and set up an Ambient Learning Open Network Group with the Peoples Voice Media project. the acronym MOSI-ALONG also captures the informal, open nature of the project. It is managed by Drew Whitworth at Manchester University, this blog is written by Fred Garnett.

This is a response to Joy Hoop that updates our statuts;

We would love you to get involved in any way, even prompting us to use the Culture Grid is helpful. We want to enable users of the museum to investigate as many ways as possible of using and making resources to describe their relationship to MOSI and enabling it to develop a multiplicity of ways of expressing relevance for its (local) communities. We want to use web2 tools to allow other forms of content to be aggregated into various narratives about the museum and its communities.

The BBC are interested and the Culture Grid could be another resource.
For Guidance we are using The Participatory MuseumRun CoCo, and the Learner-Generated Contexts Group for the Emergent Learning Model;

If you want to come to along to the formal launch you can sign up though EventBrite.


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