Social Media Surgeries 2012

Mad Lab & Dangerous 2 Know

2012; Thanks to all our workers, volunteers, followers and supporters during 2011. We will be providing some final reports on the #mosialong project over the next few weeks to sum up what we have learnt about using social media for participation in cultural activities; learning stuff and creating digital artefacts through new/old forms of story telling (see Aggregate then Curate for more on our ideas). We also have a few more open sessions in January and February.

MadLab; Thanks to the inventively irrepressible Steven Flower we are planning links with MadLab Manchester to run 2 or 3 sessions in 2012, the key one being Net Tuesday on February 21st 2012 with a focus on Digital Storytelling. For the geeks on Level 6 we will also be discussing Emergent Learning and digital curation theory, practice (such as participative curatorial strategies) and build in January; check in for updates.

ARCSpace; We will be running two sessions of Social Media surgery at ArcSpace on Wednesday January 18th probably from midday to 6 pm. It will be a drop in session but if you want to confirm a place with them then contact ARCSpace directly. We will be using too


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Visiting Researcher at the London Knowledge Lab Member of the Learner-Generated Contexts Group Social Improv & #Heutagogy Contextualist & CyberSalonista Participatory City Beatles & World Music Fan Working on #WikiQuals
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