Social Media Surgeries

Digital Champions

Social Media Training; Will be offered by the #mosialong project on a number of occasions this Autumn. We will offer basic social media training in various tools, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube, searching and tagging; and the social media participation model Aggregate then Curate (invented here!) If you are a mosialong partner, involved in community groups, Manchester or Salford institutions or City Camp Manchester, or just interested come-along and get some free training,

November 3rd WEA; We will run the first social media surgery at the WEA Offices at Crawford House on Thurs 3rd Nov  from 10.00 – 1.00 in the WEA Training Room. This will involve our social media expert Lisa Jeskins from MIMAS, Fred Garnett from MOSI-ALONG discussing Aggregate then Curate, and others from the project. 

Social Media & Digital Learning Champions; We will be providing training in social media skills to help anyone involved in any Manchester or Salford project use social media for their own purposes. However we are also looking for Digital Champions and Digital Learning Champions who we will train so that they can help others to structure their use of social media using the Aggregate then Curate model. This is a key element of the MOSI-ALONG project and is designed as part of a process to make Greater Manchester and Ambient City.

Documentation and Resources; We will provide guides and training resources to support all the training provided and they will be published on this blog.

MadLab Friday; Fred Garnett and Cormac Lawler are hoping to work with MadLabs, perhaps with Steven Flower, to provide drop-in Social Media Surgeries on Fridays. We will update that information here.

We could do the second session – with Teresa doing the videoing and Pat talikng about Community Learning Champions the follow Thursday – shall I book that as well and check with Gary Teresa is free?


About fred6368

Visiting Researcher at the London Knowledge Lab Member of the Learner-Generated Contexts Group Social Improv & #Heutagogy Contextualist & CyberSalonista Participatory City Beatles & World Music Fan Working on #WikiQuals
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2 Responses to Social Media Surgeries

  1. Nick Booth says:

    Hello – fancy opening up your surgeries to lots of folk – any local community groups of charities?

    sign up here There’s already one in Salford

  2. fred6368 says:

    Thanks Nick, I tweeted about the previous Salford Lads Club Social Media Surgery, so we have picked up on that. I encourage everyone to go along on November 10th.
    The additional feature we have in #mosialong is the Aggregate then Curate aspect which is how we are linking into Ambient Learning Manchester. So I would equally be happy to come along to Salford Lads Club and add that to your surgeries

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