myMOSI Competition Winners

Social Media Festival Competition 

Event; We had a great afternoon at the Cornerhouse last week. The star turn was the Salford History Group who produces several runners up in the Competition. We did promise to announce the winners on this website on Monday from the short list of the best five.

Digital Cabinet of Curiosities; In fact the judges all picked different winners, but overall we decided that 8) Betty’s Curiosities was the winner, so Betty wins the iPad2. Betty wasn’t present so George Clooney accepte the prize; be careful if he offers you Nespresso Betty! This was a creatively presented series of household objects with descriptions and context provided, and proved to be an excellent example of a digital cabinet of curiosities;  

Commendation; In many ways 13) Teresa’s cabinet of curiosities, was the exemplary digital cabinet, but as she worked for a project partner, Peoples Voice Media, we didnt feel she could be the prize winner. Teresa’s brilliantly curated digital cabinet included computing artefacts, travel iron and darning mushroom, picking up on different themes that we explored in #mosialong. 

There were several possible runners up, mostly from the Salford History Group like Fay and May, but we particularly liked the resonance of 12) May Harrison’s family photographs and stories

Films; Veronique’s film about The Grand: her new Manchester home, which used to be the Grand Hotel was a well thought out film made by a Franco-Macunian newbie that many people liked. But the surprise hit of the event was 7) Daniel Rylands’s stories of his SEGA Mega Drive. Everyone was impressed by how well Daniel discussed an object that was older than him but was resonant with family stories and experiences tied to his growing up. A lovely film :

David Roberts discussed his 2) A history of Manchester in 100 objects which was a collaborative entry via GoogleDocs which he curated. He showed Pascal Venier’s short film of the riots which triggered his project and showed, with time-lapse docs, how his list of 100 (164) objects grew, which prompted the sharing of very modern riotous stories. David got the most votes online for his contribution, but the runner up in the competition was the compelling podcast by Bernard’s of his living and working recollections of Blackley,

Judging Criteria
1. Creativity and originality in developing a myMOSI story
2. Relevance to Manchester (the ‘Science and Industry’ element is open to interpretation, but there does need to be a cultural, historical, industrial, or personal link to Manchester)
3. Interest; how compelling is the story, or presentation
4. Technical quality (we are not expecting full Hollywood-style productions but all other things being equal, a film that is in focus, well lit, decently edited and audible will be judged more favourably)



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