Curating Digital Artefacts

Computing Collection

Background; As well as Cabinet of Curiosities, both digital and real, we are also looking at crowdsourcing the curating of digital representations of computing artefacts for which MOSI have cleared the copyright for use.

Flickr Community; MOSI have provided a gallery of images of computers in their collection for which we have the copyright to use and discuss. MOSI have created a Flickr Group in which there are 18 images, nearly all computers with a direct link to Manchester due to their provenance at the University, or because they were made by Ferranti or by ICL in Manchester.

Digital Curation; We would like to check, and possibly update, the online information concerning each computing for which we have a digitised image on Flickr over the next few months as a form of crowd-sourced curation.

Using Flickr; you will need to create an account with Flickr if you havent used it before and then you will be able to add comments and your stories about the computers in MOSI’s collection.

Examples; Cormac Lawler is looking at the Sinclair ZX and Fred Garnett is looking at the ICL OPD both to provide examples of digital curation and to tell stories. This should give us a set of questions and possibly guidelines on how to digitally curate these images.

September 9th; We are planning on this being a crowd-sourced digital curation Hack Day when we try and update the records for all 18 images in the collection, and any other that may be added meanwhile.

Issues to Address

1. Are the wikipedia entries relating to these computers accurate and fully informative?

2. Is there a QRpedia entry for this computer?

3. Are there #mosialong or #myMOSI stories about the computer represented?

4. Is there useful information available relating to the social and cultural impacts of these computers.

5. Is there an identified expert relating to the history and use of the computer

Comments Welcome; below please 🙂

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