Adult Learner’s Week

May 14-20 2011

WSEN ALW Plans Manchester; Adult Learner’s Week was initiated by NIACE to celebrate the achievements of a range of Adult and their learning achievements, usually in a range of Community settings. WSEN, one of the MOSI-ALONG partners, has organised a wide range of activities for that week, including a workshop at the WEA offices M13 9GH at 2pm on Tuesday May 17th. We will explain the learning model underpinning MOSI-ALONG and accreditation issues for the content being being created for the project. We might also discuss how we could use QR Codes in the Project and also develop collections of historical artefacts in community centres, as a way of prompting reflections on personal experience and local history. Contact if you are interested. Get the full agenda for the week and follow all 452 events in Manchester  on the Learning in Manchester website.

ZION 100; Manchester Metropolitan University have an intriguing project capturing images of artefacts which have a local resonance, definitely worth a visit, called Zion 100; Contact Hannah if you want to get involved ( The Zion Arts Centre in Hulme will be holding an Adult Learners Week event at 3pm on Thursday May 19th to launch their Green Zone Toolkit.

Current BBC Projects; Currently available on iPlayer is a programme by Tristram Hunt, who wrote the Frock-Coated Communist about Manchester hero Engels, has just made a programme about Manchester and Liverpool involvement in the US Civil War for Radio 4. Interesting History. Melvyn Bragg is planning a new series of Reel History of Britain in 2012 looking at peoples local history films from the 20th Century. More information here if you have an old films to share.

The Participatory Museum; Nina Simon’s book is available online and in various forms with great ideas for making Museum’s more participatory and responsive to its users. On a visit to the highly-praised Natural History Museum MOSI-ALONG decided we need to create a MOSI-ALONG map of MOSI, watch this space.

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One Response to Adult Learner’s Week

  1. Brian Barker says:

    Adult Learners’ Week always provides an excellent opportunity to think about learning a new language.

    The Esperanto Association has launched a course for beginners which I think provides an excellent springboard to the learning of many languages.

    I hope your readers may be interested 🙂

    You can see this at

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