Ambient Learning City Workshop

Background; Fred Garnett and Drew Whitworth had a workshop at Manchester Met University as part of CAL11. With Beth Powell covering for Drew we asked people to come up with their ideas on how we might develop an Interactive Learning City. The slides for the workshop are available and I have post a full blog post both on the questions asked and the issues arising. This is more about the larger ambition of creating an Ambient Learning City but issues in content creation were discussed which align with MOSI-ALONG.

Workshop; The Ambient Learning City concept is based on three key concepts from the Emergent Learning Model; People, Resources, Institutions. In MOSI-ALONG we are looking at people to some extent but particularly on Developing Community Content as that is the basis of the JISC funding of the MOSI-ALONG project.

Learner’s How do we enable the self-organisation of learners? Lots of ideas came up in this discussion, especially that particular kinds of context allow for various degrees of interaction which can enable learner self-organisation by following their interests, in line with Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs idea. Parks seem especially fruitful in supporting these interactions.

Resources How do we design resources for learner-appropriation? From the opening keynote by Steve Benford on playing mixed reality games in Cities, based on work by Blast Theory, much of the CAL11 Conference had papers that discussed some aspect of this, especially relating to the use of smart phones. Agnes Kukulska Hume indicated that it was time to start thinking of ‘on the move’ (that is context) rather than mobile (that is the device) and identified the Four Frustrations of mobile use; a) Where’s my stuff? b) How bad is this connection! c) Dont know how to make this work! d) Make it more flexible so I can use the stuff. Which are good framing questions for thinking about resource discovery on the move.

Ambient Learning Workshop; Further ideas and Full info on the blog post by Fred Garnett.

MOSI-ALONG Project Update; Will be available next week April 26 2011

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