MOSI-ALONG goes Live

Launch; The launch event on April 11 successfully brought together the partners at the Garrard Suite in MOSI and ran from 2pm to 7pm introducing the idea of myMOSI to the invitees. FLICKR feed of images by MIMAS here.

myMOSI will be the theme of the project in terms of bring community users into the project. We would like local people to tell their stories of what MOSI means to them, perhaps in terms of their family history or work history or memories of Manchester in response to the fabulous range of artefacts that MOSI has relating to Manchester’s history.

Revolution Manchester;  Antonio Benitez introduced the audience to MOSI’s history, founded in 1963 by UMIST it moved to its current historic site, the Liverpool Road Railway Station, the world’s first in 1983. MOSI is currently highlighting the Revolution Gallery focusing on achievements that made Manchester a world leader in science and technology. This is currently up for a Museums and Heritage Readers Award and you can vote for Revolution here

The City as Community; Project leader Drew Whitworth gave a personal view of his possible family links with Whitworth Street and. He also explained how digital literacy, a key theme of the project, is about more than just information retrieval. It’s about creating resources that help solve local problem and is best acquired through the experience of creating resources that meet local information needs.

Social Media for Community Engagement; Building on that in discussing the work of Peoples Voice Media Gary Copitch gave a great definition that ‘social media is about sharing views & not just on the web’ after being prompted that social media meant Facebook and Twitter. He sees ‘Content Creation at the heart of social media’ which is what MOSI-ALONG is about. He also introduced their Community Reporters who covered the event and will be reporting back.

Smart City, Open Future; Dave Carter provided a vision of where co-creation and an ‘open’ everything approach might lead. Like Apps for Democracy he wants to harnessing smart geeks like #madlab to help create an Open Source future integrated with the Internet of Things, which points to the Ambient Learning City aspirations of the project.

Visual Minutes; Tim Carswill created cartoons of the talks through out and we will be putting his work online as part of the project. Here is his cartoon version of the Story of MOSI (twitpic) based on Antonio’s talk.

Project Times; MOSI-ALONG will continue working to pull the work of our partners together over the next month so that the myMOSI content creation period of June and July will be as successful as possible at developing community content.

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  1. Louise Sutherland says:

    Really interested to see where this gets to, shame I couldn’t attend the whole launch, but keep updating the blog!

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