Launch Event April 11


Monday March 21st; We have a planning meeting today to look at how we might run the formal launch of the MOSI-ALONG project at the Museum of Science and Industry Manchester. We have a fantastic space in the Garrard Suite, which has two rooms, one of which will be set up Theatre style, the other which can be open and in which I am hoping to organise a Community Fayre (or Fair) open session, for people who might take part to make their presence felt. The launch could look like this;

Draft Agenda April 11

2.00pm Start; Fayre, visits to MOSI
2.30pm Informal Soft Launch, Fred Garnett MOSI-ALONG & Community
2.45pm Walt Crowson Big Society & Adult Learning
3.00pm Antonio Benitez Chair Q&A about MOSI, MOSI-ALOG, project and any other questions
3.15 Fayre, visits to MOSI & What is an Ambient Learning City Competition?
+ TeachMeet on informal learning & digital literacy? 
5.00; Overview of MOSI-ALONG
5.20 20 Years of Information City Gary Copitch
5.40 Towards the Smart City; Professor Dan…
6.00 Formal Launch; Drew Whitworth MOSI-ALONG PI

6.30 Wine Reception

7.00 Close
If we have a Mosi-Along Open Session (Fayre) then we need the following to people a stand (I think a minimum) and at least 6 to make it worth while.
Partners; MU, MOSI, MIMAS, XERTE, LSEN, MOSI-ALONG, LGC, Unlike Minds (DD) to have a stand and answer questions. I would also invite Manchester Creative Collective, Louder that War, Ragged University, Open Manchester, Green Party, along with the other organisations Walt pulled together for the EU-IST7 bid workshop day last year for the  Learner-Generated Digital Libraries project.
This is all up for discussion today when I hope we can get Beth Powell to lead on co-ordination.

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