Public Talk March 3rd


Event Planning; Early meeting with Antonio Benitez (from Malaga) at MOSI who has obtained the Garratt Suite at MOSI itself for the Public Launch of the MOSI-ALONG project on Monday April 11th. Fantastic! (diarise blog fans) Antonio leads on the Public Engagement Beacon work for MOSI, which is a key part of our project pitch. We run through possible agendas and activities for the day, bearing in mind what Walt Crowson from LSEN and Pat from the Community Champions said about starting early before school finishes to get the broadest possible audience.

We possibly have two rooms, one theatre style, one open for a Fair. Get some local groups in, provide info about MOSI_ALONG and get people interested. For the theatre both a talk on 20 Years of Information City, maybe something on Manchester CGfL ( and something about Manchester as a Smart City in the future. David Dickinson of Unlike Minds has a good idea for that. Drew says we will need our Admin person quickly.

Smart Mobster; Walking down Oxford Road from my wifi-enabled ‘office’ at KRO Bar in Piccadilly Gardens after lunch I saw a pop-up recruitment gazebo (!) in front of MU’s ‘film canister’ (University Place). I went up to them and explain we need a project Admin Assistant and Event Organiser. The delightful Beth Powell volunteers herself and promises to come to my Public Talk on Ambient Learning Cities. Ian Harford, of Digital Nations in the Making fame, subsequently dubs me the Smart Mobster (after Howard Rheingold) for this street-smart recruiting strategy.

Public Talk; Drew organises monthly talks on various issues in Education and Professor Helen Partridge, an ALTC Teaching Fellow, who is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute for 6 months, talked on Professional development in the Age of Web 2.0, Twitter and Facebook. I will add a link to her stimulating talk later as I also think we need to rethink professionalism post Web 2.0.

I talk on the Ambient Learning City. Well not really, I talk about Learner-Generated Contexts (but not our Learner-Generated Digital Libraries paper) Emergent Learning Model, but not in depth, and Ambient Learning City, but as an outline perhaps in terms of e-enablng Oxford Road. Still I get to give out handouts and boss the room like an old-fashioned teacher and, more importantly, hear the gaps and weaknesses in my argument. I forget to mention that a critical design feature of the Emergent Learning Model is that Institutions need to learn to accredit learning post-hoc by designing learning resources for appropriation that have been pre-accredited. There I’ve said it.

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