Hello world!

This blog will be used regularly to provide updates on the MOSI-ALONG project. This is funded by JISC as a Developing Community Content Project designed to work with MOSI and set up an Ambient Learning Open Network Group with the Peoples Voice Media project. It is managed by Drew Whitworth at Manchester University, this blog is written by Fred Garnett

About fred6368

Visiting Researcher at the London Knowledge Lab Member of the Learner-Generated Contexts Group Social Improv & #Heutagogy Contextualist & CyberSalonista Participatory City Beatles & World Music Fan Working on #WikiQuals
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Fred

    This sounds like an exciting project which will hopefully enable museums and educators to combine their strengths and resources for the benefit of learners. I’m a mature student living in Manchester but studying online for MA Digital Heritage through Leicester University. You mention using new media such as Facebook & YouTube but I am keen to know whether there are plans to utilise the ‘The Culture Grid’ within this initiative.

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