Social Media Surgeries 2012

Mad Lab & Dangerous 2 Know

2012; Thanks to all our workers, volunteers, followers and supporters during 2011. We will be providing some final reports on the #mosialong project over the next few weeks to sum up what we have learnt about using social media for participation in cultural activities; learning stuff and creating digital artefacts through new/old forms of story telling (see Aggregate then Curate for more on our ideas). We also have a few more open sessions in January and February.

MadLab; Thanks to the inventively irrepressible Steven Flower we are planning links with MadLab Manchester to run 2 or 3 sessions in 2012, the key one being Net Tuesday on February 21st 2012 with a focus on Digital Storytelling. Continue reading

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Social Media Surgeries

Digital Champions

Social Media Training; Will be offered by the #mosialong project on a number of occasions this Autumn. We will offer basic social media training in various tools, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube, searching and tagging; and the social media participation model Aggregate then Curate (invented here!) If you are a mosialong partner, involved in community groups, Manchester or Salford institutions or City Camp Manchester, or just interested come-along and get some free training,

November 3rd WEA; We will run the first social media surgery at the WEA Offices at Crawford House on Thurs 3rd Nov  from 10.00 – 1.00 in the WEA Training Room. This will involve our social media expert Lisa Jeskins from MIMAS, Fred Garnett from MOSI-ALONG discussing Aggregate then Curate, and others from the project.  Continue reading

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MyFestivals Autumn 2011

#mosi-along Autumn 2011

Background; A recent discussion with JISC has allowed us to run #mosialong until the end of 2011. We will use this time so that we can test our social media participation model,  Aggregate then Curate, and develop the Ambient Learning Manchester project. We met last week to discuss how we would develop links with other projects and events in Manchester and Salford, and develop and train Digital Learning Champions. We decided to focus our story-telling around the upcoming Festivals this Autumn.

MyFestivals; This follows the myMOSI and Digital Cabinet of Curiosities approach we developed for the first phase of #mosialong and will allow people to tell stories about themselves in the context of the festivals.  We will be running monthly competitions for the best MyFestival story, with a Zoom camera as the prize.

Digital Learning Champions; We will work with our main partners LSEN and Peoples Voice Media to both organise training and provide trainers for this programme. Contact us if you want to be trained as a Digital Learning Champion. LSEN are based at the WEA offices.  Continue reading

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myMOSI Competition Winners

Social Media Festival Competition 

Event; We had a great afternoon at the Cornerhouse last week. The star turn was the Salford History Group who produces several runners up in the Competition. We did promise to announce the winners on this website on Monday from the short list of the best five.

Digital Cabinet of Curiosities; In fact the judges all picked different winners, but overall we decided that 8) Betty’s Curiosities was the winner, so Betty wins the iPad2. Betty wasn’t present so George Clooney accepte the prize; be careful if he offers you Nespresso Betty! This was a creatively presented series of household objects with descriptions and context provided, and proved to be an excellent example of a digital cabinet of curiosities;  

Commendation; In many ways 13) Teresa’s cabinet of curiosities, was the exemplary digital cabinet, but as she worked for a project partner, Peoples Voice Media, we didnt feel she could be the prize winner. Teresa’s brilliantly curated digital cabinet included computing artefacts, travel iron and darning mushroom, picking up on different themes that we explored in #mosialong.  Continue reading

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myMOSI Competition Entries

Social Media Festival Competition Long List

We have had many interesting entries for the myMOSI Social Media Festival today. Below is the long list of entries, and at the start of the event at the CornerHouse Annexe today, September 23rd 2011, we will announce a short list of the best 5.
Winner to be announced at the end of the Festival and posted on this website on Monday September 25th. Please come along to the Festival and vote for your favourite 🙂
Thanks to Beth Powell, our star organiser for co-ordinating this and suggesting the evaluation criteria.

Judging Criteria
1. Creativity and originality in developing a myMOSI story
2. Relevance to Manchester (the ‘Science and Industry’ element is open to interpretation, but there does need to be a cultural, historical, industrial, or personal link to Manchester)
3. Interest; how compelling is the story, or presentation
4. Technical quality (we are not expecting full Hollywood-style productions but all other things being equal, a film that is in focus, well lit, decently edited and audible will be judged more favourably)

 Long List of 20 myMOSI stories

1) Veronique’s video about The Grand:

2) A history of Manchester in 100 objects. Collaborative entry via Google word doc

3) Podcast of James describing using the Commodore 64

4) Podcast of Bernard’s recollections of Blackley:

5) Phil shares his childhood memories of Castle Mills in Wythenshawe:

6) Fay Wall’s Evening Chronicle from 1918:
 & Fay’s hairdressing equipment:

7) Daniel Rylands’s stories of his SEGA Mega Drive :

8) Betty’s Curiosities; a series of objects with descriptions and context;  Continue reading

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Social Media Festival – September 23

Cornerhouse 2001

We are very pleased to invite you to MOSI-ALONG’s first Social Media Festival: to take place on 23rd September 2011, from 2-7pm, in the Annexe at Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH.

Since our launch in April, the MOSI-ALONG project, in association with the Museum of Science & Industry, MIMAS, LSEN and People’s Voice Media, has been working with community groups in Manchester to uncover local and personal history stories, and sharing them using social media.

On 23rd September, we will showcase some of the work that’s been done, and share our experiences of using social media for learning. We will also unveil the project’s plans for expansion in collaboration with Manchester’s students, pupils, museums and the BBC.

The event will also host the prizegiving ceremony for the myMOSI competition, including an iPad 2 as first prize! There is still time to enter, the flyer is attached.

The day will be an informal festival, so you are very welcome to attend all or any part of the day. Here’s a draft agenda (for updates please see the blog page): Continue reading

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I Love MCR

Malls, Masses & Myths

After the riots which, if I read Dave Haslam in Manchester, England right, seem to have historical resonance with the Exchange Riots of 1812, rather than Peterloo in 1819, being an inchoate expression of frustration, Manchester has been cleaning itself up and asserting a civic identity with I Love MCR. The Manchester Evening News has promoted this with Jenson Button, the Helen Carter of the Guardian has written about it and there is the famous wall in the Arndale Centre, like the one in Peckham and elsewhere, where people have expressed there love for Manchester, all of which MOSI-ALONG love. You can follow or join in with the campaign on FacebookContinue reading

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Aggregate then Curate

Social Media Participation Model

Participation; As part of the process of engaging interest in the MOSI-ALONG project we have looked at a number of strategies concerning participation in content curation, telling stories, using artefacts, bringing people to MOSI and creating “mini-MOSIs” as Drew Whitworth calls them, using a Cabinet of Curiosities approach.

Social Objects; This artefact based approach to engaging participation, the Cabinet of Curiosities, was stimulated by Nina Simon’s discussion of object-centred sociality in The Participatory Museum. We have used this metaphor as an engagement strategy, but it requires users to develop confidence in using social media in a range of cultural contexts. One of our project partners is MIMAS who have a brief to develop a technical approach to underpin the use of social media. We have had a number of conversations on this and have developed a model called “Aggregate then Curate”  Continue reading

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Curating Digital Artefacts

Computing Collection

Background; As well as Cabinet of Curiosities, both digital and real, we are also looking at crowdsourcing the curating of digital representations of computing artefacts for which MOSI have cleared the copyright for use.

Flickr Community; MOSI have provided a gallery of images of computers in their collection for which we have the copyright to use and discuss. MOSI have created a Flickr Group in which there are 18 images, nearly all computers with a direct link to Manchester due to their provenance at the University, or because they were made by Ferranti or by ICL in Manchester.

Digital Curation; We would like to check, and possibly update, the online information concerning each computing for which we have a digitised image on Flickr over the next few months as a form of crowd-sourced curation. Continue reading

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Curator Day

July 14 MOSI

MOSI; Artefact Curation. Following the model established by the RunCoCo project we will have a Curator Day on July 14 where the Science Curator will discuss her work at MOSI, view the collection and review those computer artefacts that have been booked in for the session. This runs from 10-12.30 on Thursday July 14th at MOSI.

Photos from the MOSI-Computer Collection; These can be viewed on Fickr and we will endeavour to produce a brief QRpedia-like description for the computer in each photo, and also to gather stories and memories from people who used them and have stories of various kinds to add to the QRpedia description.

We plan to crowd-source the curation of these photos on July 14th and we will set up a process to support this beyond the Flickr Communities on the day. We will update this web page as we develop the process. We will be working with GLAMwiki expert Cormac Lawler (@cormaggio) as we do this. We will update changes and provide new information using the MOSI-ALONG Twitter account ( during the day.


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